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The Ready Reader Decodables team is passionate about providing books to help all readers tackle words and sharing what they know with teachers, parents, & children alike.​ We put the research into practice so you can focus on teaching reading and a developing a love of reading with your students!

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Ready Reader Decodables for Small Groups Ready Reader Decodables are a valuable resource for implementing individualized, systematic, and explicit reading instruction in a small group setting. They are specifically designed to support early readers in developing their decoding skills, fluency, and comprehension abilities. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use Ready Reader Decodables with your students! 1. Assess and group students: Begin by assessing students' reading abilities to ...
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As experts in literacy instruction and long-time advocates for evidence-based practices, the authors of Ready Reader Decodables are often asked how to meet the needs of all early readers. This is a question that has garnered much attention and debate over the years. The science of reading tells us how ALL brains learn to read and our two levels of books for each phonics skill help students attend to all ...
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Ready Reader Decodables is dedicated to staying up to date on the science of reading.  The science guides every part of our decodable books, comprehension questions, and free games.  Ready Reader Decodables' Illustrations Specifically, we are very intentional about our illustrations.  We understand the appeal of pictures and how they can help bring a story to life.  However, Ready Reader Decodables wants our students to first decode each word on ...
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Decodables for the 21st century classroom Ready Reader Decodables is passionate about supporting students of all backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. We include diverse characters throughout our books so that every child can see himself reflected in the stories he reads. Science of Reading and Decodables The science of reading tells us that skilled reading is a combination of language comprehension and word recognition. At Ready Reader Decodables we are intentional ...
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Phonics Instruction There are long-standing myths about phonics instruction. Keeping these myths alive
(and thus keeping phonics instruction from our students!) undermines a student’s
reading acquisition. As educators, we must constantly look to the current research and
adjust our instruction accordingly. The National Reading Panel recommended
systematic phonics paired with phonemic awareness as two crucial components to
foster efficient word reading. Current research still supports those findings. It tells us
that word recognition (through phonic decoding) ...
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