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Decodable Books & Illustrations

Ready Reader Decodables is dedicated to staying up to date on the science of reading.  The science guides every part of our decodable books, comprehension questions, and free games

Ready Reader Decodables’ Illustrations

Specifically, we are very intentional about our illustrations.  We understand the appeal of pictures and how they can help bring a story to life.  However, Ready Reader Decodables wants our students to first decode each word on the page.  Once they decode, we encourage them to use the pictures to check their decoding, confirm their understanding of the passage, and to bring the characters to life. 

Pictures in decodable books
Ready Reader Decodables Illustration

So, we work closely with our illustrator, Kamie Rudisill, to illustrate our books.  She walks the fine line of giving each character personality, but not giving away too much of the plot to the reader.  Our goal is to have our readers be just as successful reading with the pictures as they are without the pictures.  This attention to each word on the page builds the reader’s orthographic memory.  Then he can apply those skills and read the same words/ word patterns in other texts!

We want to hear from YOU!

Do you and your students have a favorite Ready Reader Decodable character? Is there a character your student connects with or looks like?  Does your student associate with the actions or feelings of a particular character?  Or perhaps your student has an idea for a new Ready Reader Decodable character!  Email us at [email protected] and we just might create a new character from your student’s suggestion!

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