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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Ready Reader Decodables

Decodables for the 21st century classroom

Ready Reader Decodables is passionate about supporting students of all backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. We include diverse characters throughout our books so that every child can see himself reflected in the stories he reads. 

Science of Reading and Decodables

The science of reading tells us that skilled reading is a combination of language comprehension and word recognition.  At Ready Reader Decodables we are intentional about the level of support our illustrations provide.  We do not want our early readers to rely on pictures and context clues to decode unfamiliar words.  Instead, we aim to provide a structured framework of skills taught in a simple to complex manner.  Once taught, the students read connected text with those skills embedded in the stories.  Students are set up for reading success! 

Decodables to Support Language Comprehension

But Ready Reader Decodables does not stop at the phonic decoding step.  We also support students’ language comprehension skills by including comprehension questions, vocabulary, higher-level inferencing, and intentional connections to the reader’s background knowledge.  We strive to promote and include ALL students through our comprehensive approach to structured literacy. 

We look forward to expanding our already diverse group of characters as we write more Ready Reader Decodable booksSet 2 is coming out very SOON!  This set will focus on the digraphs sh, ch, th, wh, and -ck. Follow our blog and Instagram @ReadyReaderDecodables for coupons and special pre-ordering details!

Thank you for your interest in our decodable books and for the inclusion of all students in your classrooms.

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