Alphabet Letter Sounds: Embedded Picture Mnemonics


Learn letter names and letter sounds with embedded pictures!  Research supports this approach to solidify the letter identification, naming, and formation. Many multi-sensory activities are included to master each letter-sound!

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With over 15 NO PREP activities (345 pages!), your students will enjoy practicing letter ID, recognition, phonemic awareness, formation/handwriting and beginning sound activities!!

You can use this to teach letters in ANY order!

Each activity is easy for the student to start on his own for:

  • independent work
  • homework
  • centers
  • whole group activities!


Rethink how you introduce letter names and sounds and help your kids secure these skills!!! Scientific research by Linnea Ehri strongly supports the use of embedded picture mnemonics for learning the letters and sounds in our alphabet. This multisensory resource uses pictures within the letter to reinforce the letter shape and sound.


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