Decodable Books Blends – Set 3


Set 3 contains decodable stories for the following: Initial Blends, FLSZ (FLOSS), vc/cv. Each pattern includes both a level 1 and level 2 in a 12-page story to meet the needs of your readers.

This item is being sold as a 10 back bundle. Please only add ONE item to your cart, and it will come with all ten decodable books in this set. (2 items = 2 book sets/20 books; 3 items = 3 sets/30 books).

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Our Decodable Books Blends Set 3 help your students with decoding words, reading fluency, and reading comprehension. Transform your child’s reading with these engaging decodable stories!

Decodable Books Blends Set 3 contains 10 decodable books with:

  • 2-letter initial blends
  • 3-letter initial blends
  • vc/cv syllable division (no schwa)
  • vc/cv syllable division (with schwa)

Each spelling pattern includes both a level 1 and level 2 story to meet the needs of your readers.  These are PHYSICAL books that will be mailed to you.


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“Ready Reader Decodables has been a wonderful addition to our home library! We have tons of children’s books but don’t always pick the right ones for early readers. My first grader is right where he needs to be as an early reader but was struggling with reading at home due to lack of confidence. When the RRD sets arrived, he was thrilled to read them aloud to me and answer the reflection questions! He learned new vocabulary and smiled at the characters. The next morning he ran into my room asking to go read together! I pointed out how he could read them alone, but he wanted me there to talk through the check for understanding questions at the end. The next morning, I found pages from a notebook where he had practiced writing out the words as suggested, and he did this all on his own. We are delighted that RRD has brought a new love for reading into our house!”


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