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This Sound Wall kit is ready to print and post in your classroom.  Aligned with the Science of Reading, this digital file is ready to support your students’ language acquisition, phonics instruction, and letter-sound knowledge.

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Enhance your phonics instruction with this science of reading sound wall kit!  44 Phoneme Cards (2 sizes) with each phoneme (sound), spellings, key word & picture to help you differentiate instruction and engage your learners!

How do I use a sound wall kit?

1. Arrange on your wall or bulletin board as you teach each phoneme.

2. As you teach new spellings, add words that follow specific patterns under each card.

3. Group phonemes on your wall in specific sections (vowel valley, consonants, digraphs, vowel r, vowel teams)

4. Take pictures of YOUR students with the correct mouth/lip position for each phoneme and display with the sound wall

5. Sound walls can be used in a classroom OR in a folder (small one) for your tutoring practice!



1st grade teacher 11-2-23:

I have read about the science of reading, and I knew how important sound walls are. I love how easy this one was to add to my room. My students are now excited to see what new spellings and sounds we add to it next!”


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