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The Layers of the English Language

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At Ready Reader Decodables, we are committed to supporting our followers with their personal development and understanding the English language.  One of the reasons the English language can appear dense is that our language is a compilation of other languages. Just as we consider our population, we can consider our language a “melting pot” with many linguistic influences. 

Linguists agree that the primary influences are as follows:

  1. Anglo-Saxon (Old English): common high frequent words such as the, from, man, child, house, friend, earth, water, numbers 1-100, colors, animals, etc. 
  2. Latin: transport, misconduct, disappoint, infect, doctor, religion, student, library, grammar, words that end in the suffixes -tion, -ity, -ism, -ology, words that begin with the prefixes re-, in-, con/com-
  3. Greek: many scientific and medical words, words that contain the digraph ch as /k/ (Christmas, school, chaos, orchid), words that contain the digraph ph as /f/, words that contain the medial y as short /i/ (gypsy, crystal, mythical). 
  4. French: antique, boutique, ch as /sh/ (chauffeur, chez, chaise-lounge, chateau)

As your children and students are developing their decoding skills using our phonetically controlled decodable readers, you can also incorporate little “nuggets” of language knowledge to support their ongoing progress.

Interested in learning more? Here are a few great resources:

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