Welcome to Ready Reader Decodables!

Who are we?

Jennie, Pryor, and Amy are teachers, Orton-Gillingham tutors and members of the Orton-Gillingham Academy. 

Hello and welcome to Ready Reader Decodables where we are dedicated to helping children learn to read.  Our names are Jennie, Pryor, and Amy and we are all teachers who have a passion for helping other teachers and parents “crack the code” on teaching children how to read.

Collectively we have over 60 years’ experience teaching children how to read whether that be in a classroom or one-to-to tutoring.  We met ten years ago and realized that pooling our experiences would help unlock the key for other teachers and parents to guide their young learners into reading with ease. 

After writing our first ten stories to help early readers, we added the illustration talents of Kamie Rudisill to bring our characters to life. Our purposeful illustrations include diverse characters, because we want all readers to see themselves represented in Ready Reader Decodables books. We published our first books in 2021 and since then have published twenty more decodables!  

We hope you and your young readers benefit from our decodable books making learning to read easy and enjoyable!



Jennie, Pryor and Amy holding decodable books