How to Use

Ready Reader Decodables encourages frequent practice and repetition with a given skill. What better way to practice than with games?! We encourage you to download these FREE games that accompany each of our books. Your students will read words found in the text to reinforce the targeted skill. To purchase one of the accompanying books, visit our shop.

Set 2 Games

Book Set 2 Memory Board Games

Download memory board games for books from Set 2.

Set 1 Games

Bingo Boards

Tap on each name to download PDFs of the bingo boards. Below each board name is the skill that game reinforces.


Targeted Skill: short u

Max and the Bat

Targeted skill: short a

Tag with Sam

Targeted skill: short a


Targeted skill: short u

Meg's Pet Hen

Targeted skill: short e

Ten Hens

Targeted skill: short e

Hotdog Shop

Targeted skill: short o

Pip and Chip

Targeted skill: short i

Max and Pip

Targeted skill: short i

Ron and Bob

Targeted skill: short o

Roll & Read

Book Set 1

Download this PDF of Roll & Read games for all of ten our books from the first set. Each book is listed individually for the bingo boards and combined into one set for this game.

Meg's Pet Hen Book Cover
Meg's Pet Hen Bingo Board & Roll & Read PDF game board
These games are just what I needed! My students love playing them and I feel confident about their continued, repeated readings of the phonics skill.

2nd Grade Teacher